Making a list and checking it twice.

Wednesday, November 16, 2017

Because we all overindulge and most of us make those promises post holiday, some call them goals and some call them resolutions, others sigh and just call them necessary. You know what I am talking about the dreaded or maybe beloved (yeah I know those people too) exercise. Whatever your particular sport of choice is most of us want to look good doing it, yet be comfortable and most of all we want to be worrying about increasing our reps not whether or not the quality of the clothes we are wearing will hold up. We have everything you need to get yourself to the gym, maybe that's a motivator you get to buy and wear new cool looking clothes. For those days where the only exercise you have the inclination for is eye rolls at Netflix binging well they have stay at home and feel good in their pjs and sweatpants wear.

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